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Our Club Championship was the inspiration of Ben Dyer who initiated it in the 2011-12 season and continued to run it until it was discontinued in 2017. Its aim was to give player opportunities for practising seriously in between team matches. From the 2nd season (2012-13) results have been submitted for grading to the English Chess Federation.

Although there was a championship in 2016-17, there were only six participants and not all games were played. They will be sent for grading but it has not been possible to declare a winner.


  • 2015-16: Andy Robbings
  • 2014-15: Andy Robbings
  • 2013-14: Ilan Dwek and Steve Morgan (co-champions)
  • 2012-13: Mike Marlow and Jim Hanson (co-champions)
  • 2011-12: Mike Marlow

Results Tables

2015-16: As happened last year, not all games got played. So the rankings do not necessarily reflect true playing strength.

1Andy Robbings7610
2Ben Dyer7511
3Brian Medhurst6312
4Jim Delderfield9153
5Ilan Dwek5212
6Danny Sparkes22002
7Andrew Adair22002
8Ken Byrd61232
9Keith Savoy91262
10David Skyrme80221
11Jim Hanson1010½

2014-15: With the highest number of participants ever (12), it was inevitable that not everyone would play everyone else. Suitable adjustments have been made to the rankings to reflect this.

1Andy Robbings86207
2Jim Hanson96217
3Jim Delderfield9414
4Ben Dyer64024
5Ilan Dwek6312
6Brian Medhurst72233
7Steve Morgan5212
8=Przemek Nowicki6213
8=Roly Piggott6132
10David Skyrme62042
11Keith Savoy10019½

1=Ilan Dwek73405
1=Steve Morgan74215
3Jim Hanson7331
4Brian Medhurst7313
5Keith Savoy62223
6=Ben Dyer6213
6=Ken Byrd7133
8David Skyrme70251

1=Jim Hanson962171Mike Marlow7430
1=Mike Marlow962172Jim Hanson7331
3Steve Morgan642053Ben Dyer73224
4Ben Dyer842254Steve Morgan7232
5Keith Savoy922535Brian Medhurst62223
6Simon Brickman42116Keith Savoy7214
7Jim Delderfield81347Ken Byrd61232
8Ken Byrd712428David Skyrme71242
9David Skyrme81252 
10Mannan Karwa61051 

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